zondag 27 oktober 2013

Marceline, Halloween

Dear readers,

Did you see? The title, it rhymes! Yaaay! So, what's up with Marceline and Halloween?
Well, as you all might know, it's almost Halloween! For teenagers (I can still legitimately call myself a teenager), this means that Halloween was already celebrated: in the weekend! The party was amazing.

Who did I dress up as, you ask? Well, Marceline of course!
I'm an enormous Adventure Time fan.
In fact, I've been dying to buy this Lumpy Space Princess top. 

"Oh My Glob!"

Or what about this skirt?

So, I dressed up as Marceline from Adventure Time.
Want to see the result?


Here it comes!

In the evening, I made myself a little bit scarier. Want to see it?

Do you celebrate Halloween? Who would you like to dress up as?
Please leave a comment!

Lots of Love,


5 opmerkingen:

  1. ohhh I love this character <3

    1. Fireprincess is actually my favourite. I'm going to dress up like her once in my lifetime (: Or Gunter!

      Also, I'm a big fan of your blog so thank you for leaving a reply (:!

  2. Beautiful post! X Anna


    1. Thank you! Just checked out your blog, totally love it (: Btw, we're both from the Netherlands, haha.

  3. Wonderful post. All pictures are so amazing
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