donderdag 24 juli 2014

Little bit of sunshine

Hello there!

Today I went to Villa Augustus. It's a restaurant, with a pretty little garden.
It has nice shades and it was the perfect spot for me to take pictures of a friend.
A little confession of mine is that I like being the photographer the most.
Still, here are some pictures of me.

This dress is an old favourite of mine, with little swans on them.

The top I got from my grandma, from a store that just opened in my street.
How lucky I was!

The top makes me adore thrift shopping.

I hope the weather is as nice where you are as it was here today!

Lots of love,


woensdag 9 april 2014

Belated Brugge

Dear readers,

So I actually took photos of another outfit back in December in Brugge.
I haven't shown them before, but I will now.

dinsdag 28 januari 2014

Healthy breakfast

Dear readers,

This morning I woke up with a smile,
remembering I had a lovely breakfast waiting for me in the fridge.

It's called Overnight Oats and was very popular last year.

Check out the recipe at Chickslovefood.

What's the fanciest breakfast you've ever eaten?

Lots of Love,


maandag 27 januari 2014

Healthy deserts: it's possible!

Dear Internet,

Not only do I like shopping, I also like food. Going out for dinner can be said to be a hobby of mine. A less costly hobby, also related to food, is baking. For this recipe, you hardly need to bake. See how delicious it looks:


The recipe is from the wonderful blog chickslovefood.
All I did was replace the mango with lemon zest and the yoghurt with "quark",
which was already a little bit blueberry flavoured.

Would you like to try this recipe?

Lots of Love,


zondag 12 januari 2014

Petit Preview

Dear Webbers,

I will give you a little preview of what the photoshoot looked like today!
The photos are edited and the photoshoot was just for practice, but it was a lot of fun!

What do you think?

Lots of Love,


Free Forest

Dear webbers,

Today it was freezing and yet it couldn't really bother me.
I was actually in the fores for an art project,
but I couldn't let the oppurtunity slip!

 Dress: Shopruche // Boots: Oxfam Novib

The sun made me smile! 
It was so pretty! 
We went for a walk, too.

Do you like nature?
Do you like forests?
I really do, even though it was really muddy today.

Lots of Love,


Owl Love You

Dear cheesy-title-lovers,

Today it was a lazy Sunday.
Well, I might have studied a little bit,
but every Sunday calls for a lazy outfit.
My lazy outfit looks as following:

Vest: Present from my mom // Dress: New Look // Button: Cute shop in Arnhem

Pay attention to the button!

You might have guessed, I really like owls.

This vest is amazing to dress down.
The dress I wear here can be used formal as well.

How would you dress down a simple black dress?
I'd love to hear it from you!

Lots of Love,


City of Brugge

Dear webbers,

Everyone has been busy during the holidays and so have I.
I went to Brugge with my boyfriend. As someone from the Netherlands,
the journey wasn't too long. Even so, I was amazed we were there so quickly!

Of course, Brugge has amazing food an buildings.
However, I'll blog about this later!
First, I'd like to share one of my outfits!

Sweater: Yesstyle // Skirt: Primark // 

I got the bowtie from such a nice store!
This photo was taken at the Vismarkt! Isn't it lovely?

In the evening we (my "photographer" and me) went out for dinner.
It was the first time I liked olives! Hooray!

Laurens and me (:

What did you do over the holidays?
Would you like to visit Brugge?
Did you?
Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love,