zondag 26 mei 2013

Little Miss Sunshine // Shoes for sale

Dear readers,


Yesterday I went to Amsterdam! I was planning on visiting the Game of Thrones exhibition (which is free!), but the queue of two hours scared me off. So I started shopping. I saw all these amazing clothes, but I'm saving up for my holiday in England... We got a bit lost after the shops and then I accidentally ended up at The Wallen... I swore to myself to never visit it. I almost walked into the canals by keeping my eyes shut. Don't worry, I managed to escape!

Enough about Amsterdam, then. I actually wanted to talk to you about the outfit I wore:
Hat: New Look // Rose: Bijoux Brigitte // Dress: Pull and Bear // Bag: Gift from my mom // Shoes: Chicwish

Sorry for the poor quality, my dad confiscated the camera, so I had to make do with the iPad.

I don't think the cord is supposed to be tied at the front, but I really like it this way!

I finally found back this hat, which was stuffed away in some cupboard of my moms!

Last but not least:
These shoes are for sale!
I bought them for 70 euros, but you can bargain with me about the price.

I bought them from Chicwish, but they are about two sizes too large!
This makes it about size 40. I will make sure I have the right size in a few days,
I'll go by a tailorshop, which happens to have the exact sizes.

They are quite comfortable, so I'm going to miss them.
I live in the Netherlands, so it would be a lot cheaper for you if you live in Europe to buy these from me,
rather than import them from America.

The size I ordered was EUR 38.



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  1. Just had to tell you that dress is amazing! So cute and girly :3 Love it!

    ❤: http://kehvelijehnakas.blogspot.fi